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Tags and Notes

Tags and Notes


How to create tags 

  • Login to and go to configurations on the menu barTags and Notes
  • Select Tags from the list of available appsTags and Notes
  • Click on  “Create new tags”Tags and Notes
  • Input the preferred tag name and the dilated description, select the preferred color, and createTags and Notes

View the list of available tags Tags and Notes

How to use created Tags

    • For ongoing conversation an agent is chatting with a customer you can select a tag to label the conversation appropriate to enable ease of further referenceTags and Notes
    • For chat conversations that have been concluded, agents can label such conversations in the following steps: 
  • Within Conversation select ticketing Tags and Notes
  • Under ticketing select the appropriate conversation and choose your preferred reference tagTags and Notes
  • Apply the tag to enable ease of further reference  Tags and Notes

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